SilviaTerra Sponsors Yale Data Science Hackathon

This past weekend, SilviaTerra returned to its roots at Yale to sponsor the second annual Yale Data Science Hackathon.

Teams from 20 different schools came together for a 48-hour coding marathon. Choosing from among 4 datasets, the teams put their data science and statistics skills to the test as they competed to answer the challenge questions.

SilviaTerra provided a forest inventory dataset for Butler County, Pennsylvania and asked the teams to find the best place to locate a new mill. Using SilviaTerra's remotely-sensed inventory, USFS price information, and GIS data about parcels, mills, and road networks, the teams amazed the judges with their data science skills and intuitive visualizations.

Late on Sunday afternoon, the judges selected the winning team. Congrats to the combined Yale/Purdue team of Scott Gigante, Adam Erickson, Tianyang Hu, and Hanxi Sun for their glorious victory! The judges were particularly impressed with their clever geospatial analysis and their beautiful, interactive maps.

Yale student Adam Erickson shows off a Leaflet-powered interactive map developed from the SilviaTerra forest inventory dataset.

Max Nova

Max Nova

Max is one of the founders of SilviaTerra. When he's not building new tools for foresters, Max can usually be found reading a good book or riding his bike. Max is a graduate of Yale University.

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