Wednesday, May 25, 2016

5 years of Plot Hound... and counting!

Today marks five years since the original version of Plot Hound was released for Android phones.

Plot Hound has come a tremendous way since we initially built it as an internal SilviaTerra tool in 2011.  We've added support for both Android and iOS, made data entry faster than ever, vastly improved navigation, simplified syncing, and introduced a tablet-optimized interface.

Nearly 5,000 cruisers have used Plot Hound and more foresters are switching to Plot Hound every day.  Major forestry organizations have adopted Plot Hound to streamline their data collection without having to invest in expensive hardware.  With its simplicity, speed, and affordability, Plot Hound has become the obvious choice for cruising.

 At SilviaTerra, we're continuing to invest in making Plot Hound the best way to cruise.  Below, we've put together some screenshots from Plot Hound throughout the years.  Has your other forestry software improved this much over the past 5 years?

Happy 5th birthday Plot Hound - and here's to the next 5!

Plot Hound - 2011

Plot Hound - 2013

Plot Hound - 2015