Wednesday, January 20, 2016

SilviaTerra All-Hands 2016 Q1

Every quarter, the fully remote SilviaTerra team assembles from all corners of the US, rents a house on AirBnB, and spends a week building new features and planning world domination.

And eating delicious biscuits and donuts

We just wrapped up our 2016 Q1 All-Hands meeting in Durham, NC.  Highlights included:

  • polishing our check cruising system
  • pushing out a massive cleanup of our web app code
  • bumping up the scalability of our Plot Reduce system
  • unifying our reporting code
  • pondering variance and complex statistical operations
  • and a mysterious new project code-named "Quantum Merlin"

If that sounds like a good time, we'd love to meet you!  Drop us a line at