Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Launching Plot Hound Dashboard

Today we're excited to announce the latest improvement to the Plot Hound experience - a new web dashboard for tracking cruise progress across your entire team:

We built the dashboard because we do a lot of cruises but didn't have a quick and easy way to answer the questions:

  • Which cruises got finished this week?
  • Which cruises are almost done?
  • Which cruises aren't started yet?
  • When will a particular cruise be done?

With the new Plot Hound dashboard, we can answer all of these questions at a glance.  High-level stats about your cruise productivity are displayed prominently.  Each of your recently completed and in-progress cruises is displayed in an data-rich card with information about the start date, cruiser, acreage, number of plots, progress, and an estimate of the completion time.

The dashboard has already improved our workflow here at SilviaTerra and we hope it's helpful for you as well!