Monday, January 27, 2014

The best gets better - Plot Hound improvements in 2014

At SilviaTerra, we're on a mission to build the best tools in forestry.  We're kicking off the new year with a couple big improvements to the website and Plot Hound app.  Our focus was on simplicity, speed, and beauty.  Here's to another year of pushing forest inventory forward - easier, faster, and cleaner than ever before.

Plot Hound
In September 2013, SilviaTerra welcomed a new member to the crew.  In his first few months, Samad rewrote Plot Hound from the ground up to be more responsive and intuitive than ever.  You should notice an improved syncing experience and significantly faster data entry.  He also added features for collaborative cruising and cruise notes/instructions.

Quickly enter diameters from a select drop down or type them in manually

See who is assigned to each plot

Over the past few months, you've probably noticed some big changes on the website.  Not only did many pages get much faster, but we've added collaborative cruising features and totally redone your cruise reports to make them more informative and elegant than ever.

Setting up cruises has never been simpler. You can now include instructions for the cruiser too.

Find stands easily with state/county listings and a search bar

Cruise reports are automatic, informative, and beautiful. More details coming in a future post

Lots more coming over the next few weeks - so don't be a stranger round these parts!

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