Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Plot Reduce - Fewer Plots, Same Accuracy

We're rolling out a new service to cut your fieldwork in half.  Welcome to Plot Reduce.

At SilviaTerra, our mission is to help build the future of forestry by providing foresters with the best tools possible.  In the past three years, we've worked with some of the top REITs/TIMOs and hundreds of foresters to create:
  • Timber Scout: remotely-sensed forest inventory (5,000 acres and up)
  • Plot Hound: simple, modern Android and iOS cruising app
Today, we're excited to announce a new service that combines the best of both of these tools.  For your next cruise, use Plot Reduce to cut your fieldwork in half.

How It Works

In a normal grid cruise, you're attempting to measure all the variability within the forest by taking a lot of samples.  Plot Reduce uses satellite imagery to pick out the variability in the forest ahead of time, so you only measure the plots that you need to.  Plot Reduce also clumps the plots together to minimize your travel time.

Getting started with Plot Reduce is easy:
  1. You upload stand boundaries to the SilviaTerra website
  2. We handle all the remote-sensing work and send you the plot locations to measure
  3. You cruise (we recommend Plot Hound, but any system will work)
  4. You upload the cruise to the SilviaTerra website (easy with Plot Hound - or you can upload an Excel file)
  5. We pair the plot data with the satellite imagery to generate a stand table for each stand
  6. You log in to the website to view beautiful reports and download the stand tables

Cruising Comparison

# of Plots Min Acreage
Plot Hound
Same as conventional cruising
Plot Reduce      
Half as many as conventional cruising               
200 acres
Timber Scout
SilviaTerra collects all plot data
5,000 acres

Who Should Use Plot Reduce?

We built Plot Reduce with consulting foresters in mind.  Using Plot Reduce, you can double or triple your number of clients while keeping your amount of field work the same.  If you're interested in growing your business with Plot Reduce, request an invite today!

For government foresters with the Forest Service or the Department of Natural Resources, Plot Reduce can help stretch a tight budget by cutting cruising costs by up to 50%.   If you think we could help, please get in touch with us here.

The Future

All of our services are constantly improving.  We recently rolled out volume reports and just did a total website upgrade.   Keep an eye out for even more this summer!

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