Monday, June 18, 2012

Plot Hound - Shapefile, KMZ, and KML Import

We are proud to announce the launch of a much-requested feature for Plot Hound - shapefile and KMZ import.  To import stands, simply click the "Upload" button on your stands dashboard page and select the file to upload.

Before any of these stands are saved in Plot Hound, you'll be asked to verify and name the stands.  You can choose to name each stand manually or select a field (pulled from the shapefile or KMZ) to use to auto-generate the names.

To import a shapefile, create a zip folder with the .shp file all of the associated files (.prj, .dbf, etc.) and then upload the zip file.  

To import a KMZ file, simply upload the .kmz file.  (Useful tip: KMZ stands for "KML-Zipped" - if you unzip a KMZ you'll find a KML file inside)

KML uploads are still supported.

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