Thursday, April 12, 2012

Plot Hound - iPhone App Released

Plot Hound for iOS
We're proud to announce that Plot Hound for iPhone and iPad was just approved by Apple and is now available for download from the iTunes App Store.  The iPhone/iPad version contains all of the same features as the Android version (except for Google Navigation).

As part of our mission to simplify cruising for all foresters, we're super excited to make Plot Hound available for free too all iOS users.  We've put together a short "Getting Started" guide to help you start using Plot Hound out to the woods as quickly as possible.  Welcome to cruising with Plot Hound!

We had overwhelming demand for an iPhone version of Plot Hound, so we pushed out this version as fast as we could.  There may be some small bugs we didn't catch in this initial release, so let us know if you run into any issues and we'll send out updates as quickly as we can.

Plot Hound for Android 4.0
There were a few bugs that prevented Plot Hound from working correctly on the newest version (4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich") of the Android operating system.  We've fixed those problems and updated Plot Hound on the Android Market.  You can download the newest version here.

Experimental Support for BlackBerry, webOS, and Symbian

We built Plot Hound on the open-source goodness of HTML5, jQueryMobile, and PhoneGap.  This means that we only have to maintain a single codebase but can support a wide variety of mobile platforms.  While we're focused on Android and iOS for now, we have highly experimental builds of Plot Hound for BlackBerry, webOS, and Symbian.  If you're interested in getting early access to Plot Hound for any of these platforms, shoot us an email and we'll send one your way.

Website Updates:
Diameter Distribution Charts and Stand Tables
Over the past few months, we've given the website a facelift and added some new functionality.  We chose to go with a Google-esque white color scheme to give the site a cleaner and more modern feel We took the same approach with the new color scheme for Plot Hound as well.

(Click image to magnify)
Our biggest functionality addition was to automatically create a species-specific diameter distribution chart and stand table whenever you upload a cruise from Plot Hound.  You can find your charts and stand tables on the "Details" page for each of your stands.

We use Plot Hound to run our business so we're always working to make Plot Hound better.  Some of our plans for future improvements include:

  • Support for Windows Phone 7 (as soon as PhoneGap Build supports it)
  • Better mapping, navigation, and GPS interfaces
  • Adding offline map tiles (so you can see maps on your phone out in the woods)

As always, feel free to send us an email if you have any questions or run into any problems with Plot Hound.